"Tank action game with full of reality, Machine Wars!"

Let's enjoy a realistic tank shooting game with its easy control specialized to the iPhone and iPod Touch!

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    - Tutorial Mode, Mission Mode, event Mode
    - Huge boss Boarding
    - Various enemies, middle level boss and huge boss
    - Various parts system can be bought for the game money
    - Offers a variety of units
    - 20 phases of part upgrade are availiable for player Wars
    - Attack Speed
    - Move Speed
    - Turret speed
    - Damage
    - Defense
    - Etc...

    How to play

    1. Buy arms, parts or special attacking item from the shop of Equipment Shop.
    2.Install Unit and parts in the Maintenance shop.
    3.Accept the mission , Tutorial , event in the Battle Area.
    4.Execute the mission fighting with enemies.