Life Of Wolf
Rating : ¡Ú¡Ú¡Ú¡Ú¡Ù
Released : 2013.04.12
Category : Adventure
Size : 59MB
Languages : English
Seller : 1Games
From now on you will be one of the lonely wolf.
Depending on your hunting skills and survival
instincts, You are able to survive longer.
To solve hunger you must hunt various animals in
several shootings. Also, you must run away or avoid
from attack of wolf or a rough bear.

From now on, you are born again new.

Leave by cool life of wolf.

*Hunting method
Preys bait warning front. Because you move to prey
back, you should attack slowly.

If ¡°LIFE¡± or ¡°HUNGRY¡± amounts to 0, you are dead.
If you are succeeded in hunting, LIFE and HUNGRY
will be filled(Is different according to a hunting animal)

If you don¡¯t hunt more than 3 day from the date of
connection, you will die of hunger.