Police Racing
Rating : ڡڡڡڡ
Released : 2012.06.15
Category : Adventure
Size : 54MB
Languages : English
Seller : 1Games
A 3D, action packed police car racing game.

[Game Mode: Action]

The mission of this game mode is to maneuver and
jump around obstacles to reach the goal line.

On certain occasions you may have to drive through traffic
and other cars or even jump over a bus.

If you make it to the goal line in the given time, then you will
continue on to the next level.

[Game Mode: Race]

In this game mode you must race fellow police cars and
attempt to win the race.

Race through downtown and fly by the surrounding buildings
to beat the other police vehicles.

[Game Attributes]

-Various Racing and Action Courses including various objects
in the course

-Provides both the thrill of speed and action

-Realistic effects based on the laws of physics

-Utilizes a gravity sensor

-Can control the car with one hand

-Various response effects

-Various objects around the course

-No extraneous charges