Life Of Leopard
Rating : ڡڡڡڡ
Released : 2013.11.15
Category : Adventure
Size : 80MB
Languages : English, Korean
Seller : 1Games
My lovely pregnant female leopardess and I were
enjoying a pleasant life.
We were excited about her giving birth and
getting to new baby leopards in a few days.
It was until that starving jerk approached us after
I had gone out to hunt.

I will remember your smell forever.
I will surely find you and seek revenge.

Who is the best hunter amongst animals?
You will become the best hunting leopard in this game.

After you learn the hunting and survival skills of
the leopard, you will become a strong animal
which can hunt down any animal and must seek
revenge to the tiger that killed your lovely leopardess.

A variety of animals are included for prey such as
rabbits and different predators are engaged in the
fight for survival.

From now on, you will become a leopard to
challenge yourself in the survival game against
other predators by hunting other animals and
eating prey.

We wish you best luck on your revenge.

*Eating prey
If you approach a dead animal after succeeding
in hunting, you will eat the prey and your vital
force will go up.

*Hunting method
Preys bait warning front. Because you move to
prey back, you should attack slowly.

*Operationalized predators
Leopard / Tiger / RedFox

*Tip( Radar )
Blue Icon - Target Animals
Red Icon - Attacking animals
Green Icon - escaping animals
Gray Icon - The animals that attacks in return when they are attacke