Rating : ڡڡڡڡ
Released : 2014.07.28
Category : Action
Size : 31MB
Languages : World Languages
Seller : 1Games
Hard-core street fighters, bring it on!. Show us what youve got.

Recluse master fighters, welcome to the Group Fight Online.

- Join this true-to-life multi-play gang fight with global users in real time.

ڡڡڡڡ A true-to-life group fight that you cant afford in real life.
ڡڡڡڡ Forget about skills like Taekweondo, kickboxing and Kungfu.
__________ A pre-emptive strike matters!
ڡڡڡڡ The best multi-play group fight game ever!
ڡڡڡڡ A world beater in the group fight online is a genuine fighter!

A real-time multi-play true-to-life gang fight.
A street fight of sheer strikers with no macho bravado.
Unlimited capability level upgrades
__ (striking power/striking speed/defensive power/fitness)
Fight rating system
Supported in 141 countries
Real-time chats with global users (almost all languages are supported.)

Feeling stressed out with studying, finding jobs and boredom?
Bust your stress with Group Fight Online!